Devotional – Mar 24, 2021

Red fish, Blue fish, Go fish for true fish, who are um, people. Seriously, how does the church present the gospel in a polarized culture? Is there anything beyond life in two colors? Join me for a few minutes with Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount and his Palm Sunday entrance.

Devotional - Mar 24, 2021


Music Today: 'The Day that I Found God,' Switchfoot
Jon Foreman continues to write thoughtful, challenging lyrics, and this song brings another angle to the joy and surprise that come in a relationship with God through Christ.

'This noose ain't getting any looser
I get so fearful bout the future
I hear the shame of my accuser
But that ain't you
And I found strength but it wasn't what I thought
And I found peace in the places I forgot
And I found riches ain't the things that I had bought
Yeah I found out the day I lost myself was the day that I found God'

'There Is a Mountain', Caroline Cobb
C.S. Lewis said a powerful sign of the truth of Christianity is that no one would or even could create a religion based on a God like this. Here's a beautiful picture of how God turns power on its head.

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