Our worship combines the best of hymns and creeds written hundreds of years ago with contemporary praise songs and prayer.  We use organ and drums, guitars and violins in our praise.  Our goal is to give God glory and honor together; as we do, our lives and hearts are reshaped into His image.

Our fellowship includes prayer and Bible study groups for men, women, and mixed groups.  As we gather around God’s word, talk about our lives in the light of that word, and pray for each other, we become strengthened to bless others as we’ve been blessed.

God’s relationship to the world is one of reconciliation and love. (2 Corinthians 5:21, John 3:16)  Our goal is to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to see the world as our neighborhood.  Cup is engaged in several ministries in our neighborhood to children, seniors, and the physically and spiritually needy both inside and outside our church building.  We also engage in annual mission trips, and have an exciting relationship with the village of Fintonia in the West African nation of Sierra Leone, where we are providing education, well water, and the gospel message where it has never been heard before.

May 18th 2021 – CUP Church COVID-19 Update

May 18th 2021 – CUP Church COVID-19 Update


May 20, 2021

Dear Cup family and friends,

At the May 18 Session meeting, our Ruling Elders, considering the latest CDC recommendations
as well as information in our own county regarding dropping numbers of Covid-19 cases are
making the following policy changes:

    1. Starting on June 6, 2021, masks will be optional in the sanctuary and in the rest of the
      building. There will not be designated sections for masking or non-masking in the
      sanctuary, but please continue to be sensitive and respectful of others around you!
    2. Seating the in the sanctuary will continue to be organized using social distancing.
    3. Communion will continue to be offered using the individual sanitized containers through
      at least August 1.
    4. Our worship service will continue in its current format. The possibility of adding more
      congregational singing to the service will be considered as we continue to monitor the
      Covid case load in our area.
    5. Vacation Bible School will be using masks and/or social distancing for those portions of
      VBS that are indoors. Please check our VBS registration page on the website for more

The church has done a tremendous job of working together through the 15 months we have
faced this pandemic. Thank you for ‘bearing with one another in love’ (Ephesians 4:2), and
may we do so more than ever as we are (hopefully) reaching the final stages of this journey!

Pastor Scott and the Cup Session


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