Devotional – Nov 10, 2020

'The Grapes of Wrath' a referred to in one of the most famous songs in American history as well as one of our best-loved novels. and indirectly, in the finest U.S. Presidential address ever given. The phrase comes from Revelation 14. Join me for a few minutes, especially if you wonder about 'the mark of the beast!'

Devotional - Nov 10, 2020

Music Today: 'Finding Gabriel' by Brad Mehldau. The title track to last year's Grammy-winning Jazz album. Angels fill Revelation 14, and are messengers of God's hope as well as his just wrath. Mehldau quotes from the Book of Daniel, but it would be very fitting if he drew from these angels as well.

Sho Baraka: 'Maybe Both, 1865' from 'The Narrative' (Video marked 'Maybe Both, 1968')Baraka offers up a bracing rap on his attempt to find true friends for the African-American among Democrats or Republicans and not finding much success anywhere - except in God. "Is it a ballot or a bullet? Let me knowShould I fight or should I pray? Who's my foe?Are they killing with a pistol or a vote?Or, maybe, it is both?"Baraka finishes with a verse on Jesus - God bringing peace? Or the sword? Or both? If nothing else, this gives us a LOT to think about (as does the whole album, 'The Narrative')

Cup EPC July 21 COVID-19 Worship Update

Cup EPC July 21 COVID-19 Worship Update (Click to download file as a pdf)


Cup EPC July 21 COVID-19 Worship Update


Dear Cup church family and friends,

Last night our church session met in a virtual meeting to discuss our plans for worship in light of the latest guidance given July 15 from Governor Wolf. The governor specifically exempted churches from his restrictions of no more than 25 people in an indoor facility and has not placed Beaver County (or any other county in Western Pennsylvania) back in a ‘red’ phase.

We also carefully considered all the feedback we received from those of you who have replied over the past month to our questionnaire.

As a result, the Cup church session adopted unanimously the following policy:

We will continue to meet for sanctuary worship at 10:30 on Sunday mornings.

We are requiring masks through the entire worship service unless a medical condition prevents this. If someone desires not to wear a mask for personal reasons, we can provide a location for seating where the service can be heard, but outside of the sanctuary.

We continue to offer the worship service online via our YouTube channel and on the website ( We encourage you to subscribe to our site by clicking here:

On that page, click on ‘subscribe’ and on the bell icon in order to receive a notification when we post the worship service for you to view. We are currently working on ‘live streaming’ the service and have had some technical difficulties in recent weeks, but are working on solving those. Additional subscribers to our YouTube channel will help our processing time in getting the video up, so please subscribe – and tell your friends about us!

We continue to monitor the situation involving COVID-19 and aim at providing the proper balance of spiritual and physical care to our congregation and community. Our policy will be adapted as circumstances warrant.

We are thankful for God’s provision and your support in these challenging times and look forward to the time when all of us will feel comfortable and secure in attending worship together. Until that time, let us ‘fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. . .so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.’ (Hebrews 12:2-3)



Pastor Scott


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