Devotional – Mar 16, 2021

Maurice Sendak in Hebrew doesn't make much sense to an English-speaking child. Is our articulation of the gospel heard in the same way in 2021? A little longer today, but join me with 1 Peter 3:15-17 and my new series on Christ and culture.

Devotional - Mar 16, 2021


Music today: 'His Truth is Marching On,' Michael Doughty

Here's an example of verbalizing Christ's Lordship in a musical frame of reference that may be more understandable to someone not all that familiar with the faith. 'Let me know Your enormity and my finiteness. . . ' Doughty was an indie music darling as the lead singer for Soul Coughing for a number of years.

'Sunshine,' Todd Snider

Snider is a songwriter who's wrapped a little differently, to put it mildly. The narrator here is perched on the ledge of a skyscraper wondering about the point of it all. I don't necessarily agree with all the theology here, but joy discovered in the last place you'd expect sounds a lot like Jesus to me.

Bonus - I came across this article today which does a great job of showing Christianity as simultaneously attractive and offensive. 'Do you really want to be countercultural? Then don't abandon Christianity. Stick with it.'