Sunday Service 6-30-2024

This week, Pastor Marc shares his sermon, titled: "Sealed by the Spirit"

Sunday Service in sanctuary and live streaming @ 10:30 am.

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"We believe and confess that Jesus Christ, who is the end of the law, hath made an end, by the shedding of His blood, of all other sheddings of blood which men could or would make as a propitiation or satisfaction for sin; and that He, having abolished circumcision, which was done with blood, hath instituted the sacrament of baptism instead thereof, by which we are received into the Church of God, and separated from all other people and strange religions, that we may wholly belong to Him whose ensign and banner we bear, and which serves as a testimony unto us that He will forever be our gracious God and Father."

~ Belgic Confession, Article 34 on Holy Baptism

Sunday Service 6-30-2024

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